Financial Information

HOA Dues are $265.00 per year.

Online payments through Paypal have an additional $5 charge to cover the cost of online processing.

Click the link below to pay HOA dues with a debit/credit card:


Here is what your dues pay for: (amounts are per household, per year.)

  • Trash collection by A-1 Disposal: $138.62
  • A-1 recycling $18.48
    • Total for trash and recycling is $157.10 per year (that is $13.09 per month. Other customers pay 15.95 + 5.90 = $21.85 per month for these services)
  • Gas & Electric $1.28 (to light the entryway signs and flag)
  • Water $ .76 (to water the common areas)
  • Filing Fees $ .37 (for the HOA to exist)
  • Bank Charges $ .64 (to have an account)
  • Postage $1.19 (to send newsletters, ballots, and notifications)
  • Community Events $19.25 (per year to have the block party, Easter-egg hunt, bike parade, and garage sales both spring and fall)
  • Insurance $13.02 (per year to cover our community)
  • Lawn and Grounds Maintenance $41.39 (per year for the care and maintenance of the common areas and trees)
  • Ongoing and Future Maintenance $30.00

Total amount paid per household: $265.00 per year

Thank you for your continued support and prompt payment of your homeowner’s
association dues.

Having a Homeowners Association protects your property values and your
neighborhood. Our homeowners tell us that they selected their home in
Oakmont because of the quality of the homes and the community. The
appraised values of all of our homes are based upon the beauty and high
quality of the neighborhood and surrounding community. The appraised value
of any home is based upon the “comps”, in other words, the actual sale price
of a home of comparable value. The market value, the price the house
actually sells for, determines the appraised value of your home. When your
neighbor’s house sells for a high price, it helps your home’s appraised

Please contact the Oakmont Homeowner’s Association board members directly if you have
any questions, or email us at