President: Alex Wigginton

Years lived in Oakmont: 2 years

Family: Married with 1 son- Cole (21)

Interesting fact: I wanted to be a fire truck when I was growing up, not a fireman the truck.

Vice-president: Kevin Meyer

Years lived in Oakmont: 10 years

Family: Married with Austin (42) Tara (39) Audra (31)

Interesting fact: I was the previous Oakmont president from 2012-2018

Treasurer: Avery and Chris Sims

Years lived in Oakmont: 16 years

Family: Ross (4) Bennett (3)

Interesting fact: We love to travel, entertain, and be outdoors

Secretary: Marie Lingenfelser

Years lived in Oakmont: 5 years

Family: Married

Interesting fact: Married a farmer last year and now learning about farming and raising Black Angus cattle, it’s a whole new world to discover!

Website manager: Taylor and Montana Kiler

Years lived in Oakmont: about 3 months

Family: Married with 1 dog- Nala (2 years)

Interesting fact: We are newly weds and just purchased our first home in Oakmont a few months ago, which happens to be five houses down from Taylor’s parents house.

Social Director: Stephanie Huddleston

Years lived in Oakmont: 5 years

Family: 3 girls- Makenna (15) Taylor (15) Sidney (13)

Interesting fact: I was a lead singer in a cover band out of Lawrence Kansas for 6 years!

Property Manger: Chuck Sherman

Years lived in Oakmont: 1

Family: Evan (15) Ben (9)

Interesting fact: I own a construction company

At Large: Tim Vos

Years lived: 4 years

Family: Married 20 years, Amanda (29), Britan (29) Brittany (28) Casey (26)

Interesting fact: I am a huge Packers fan!