Garage Sales, Fences, and more

Garage Sales:

We have had several people ask when the next garage sale will be. We are still discussing this, and will let everyone know here and on our Facebook page.


A lot of the fences in our subdivision were built around the same time as the houses themselves, which means many of our fences are approaching 20 years old! We are starting to see some fences fall into disrepair. Please remember that you are responsible for keeping your fence in good condition.


As some of you may or may not know, Oakmont and many of the surrounding subdivisions have been experiencing small/petty thefts in the past few months. Among other things, thieves are stealing from unlocked cars, garage doors left open, or breaking into cars with valuables in plain sight. Please make sure you lock your cars, hide all valuables, and shut your garage doors! If you see any suspicious activity, please call the Shawnee Police at 911 or (913) 631-2150 (non emergency dispatch).

HOA Phone Number

The HOA phone number has changed! Going forward, please use 913-777-HOA7 or 913-777-4627. You can call or text this number. As always, you can also email us at, leave a comment on our site, or leave a comment on our Facebook page.

HOA Dues:

We will be sending out a reminder letter in November to remind all residents that the HOA dues of $265 are due January 15th, 2017. You can mail us a check, or pay online with a credit/debit card. Please note that online payments have a $5 surcharge due to the costs of card processing. The total owed if paying online is $270.